Diesel winch for sale

 Diesel winch for sale
Diesel winch for sale

Overview of diesel winch

Due to easy installation and maintenance, cheap price and flexibility, the diesel winch is famous among many types of factories in modern society. As responsible and qualified winch manufacturer, we are quite confident to produce so many kinds of diesel winches for marine or construction service.
Among our most famous diesel winch, the hottest winch equipment is AQ-JKl piling winch, which owns single-drum and motorized by pneumatic motor. This kind of diesel winch mainly regards diesel as the source for power to drive motor, at the same time, a winch reach drum rotation though two-stage gear reduction, giving the machine power to lift and pull all kinds of heavy materials. In order to ensure safety of this kind of winch, we specially design the other two double break method, which combination hand brake and energy storage air break all in together.
Thanks to high safety and advanced technology, we will see more winch in drilling platform, ship, harbor, mine and construction sites and so on.
Besides, we hold strong technology team and skilled workers to custom all yourself winch with high quality and competitive price.

Many advantages of diesel winch

  1. Small volume, light weight but strong mobility.
  2. Reach the variable speed, as well as do positive and negative going motion manipulation together flexibly.
  3. Strong practicability and anti-knock quality, a winch will be the best choice for these poor or hazardous working environments, such as high humid, flammable and combustible and snow.
  4. Overload protection function.
  5. Two double protection including hand brake and air brake
  6. We can custom many types of material lifting machines for particular working environment on the basis of your demands.

diesel anchor winch with full strength for sale
diesel anchor winch with full strength for sale

Ship Weight:43.21lbs
Line Pull (lbs): 2200, 4400 w/snatch block
HP: 2.1
Engine Displacement: 50
Line Speed (FPM): 40, 60 W/optional drum
Rope Type: Double-braided polyester
Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 15 x 14 x 16

diesel winch for sale
diesel winch for sale


Rated Line Pull: 1750lbs –10,500lbs (single line)
Line Speed (up to max load):12fpm-72fpm
Cable: 100’ x 3/8″ Aircraft Cable with hook.
Engine: 6 HP Subaru Robin with overhead cam
Dimensions: 24″ long x 24″ wide x 18″ high
Weight: 180 lbs (including hydraulic fluid)

Several features when a capstan works

The diesel winch mainly used for warping hawser in luxurious ship and high speed warship. With the advanced technology of precision casting, this kind of winch holds less volume and lighter weight, which just takes up the half of those common capstan, as well as winch enjoys quite high work efficiency that can reach 90% at least, simple design structure, easy installation and maintenance also made it be the hottest products in our company.. Usually, a winch is made up of eight components, which including motor, reduction gear, foundation, chain wheel, jaw clutch, brake devices, and push rod. This entire equipment can connect with deck though these six bolts in foundation, and the motor is equipped on input side of reduction gear by the way of plug-in mounting, forming a entirety with this reduction gear.

High Quality Mooring Winch Products
High Quality Mooring Winch Products

Notes when using a diesel winch

  1. All the wire rope on coiling block should neatly arranged, once the overlap and crossing takes place, the related operator should turn off this machine and replace these wire rope in time. Any workers shouldn’t pull or stamp steel rope when a diesel winch is working. At the same time, they shouldn’t let this wire rope out totally; there should be reserve three rounds at least.
  2. The wire rope is not allowed happen the situation of knotting and twisting. Company or factory should consider exchanging this wire rope when break down area in one pitch arrive at or over 10%.
  3. During the diesel winch working, anyone is prohibid to cross the wire rope. What’s more, the related operator is not allowed to leave this working winch after it has lifted some materials. On the break time, the substance or ladder should be fall to ground.
  4. In the job, the cable and signalman should always keep good vision to these materials lifted. All the related workers should work together according to the sign seriously.

Why choose diesel winches

With about one century’s development, our company has been the biggest manufacturer and the largest dealer throughout the world. During these years’ hard working, we research and optimize many kinds of advanced technology adapted to the production of these modes of material lifting machines, such as the modular design, the lightweight design accordance with the standard of FEM, DIN, and ISO. Now our firm has became a mature diesel winch producer for all kind of winch products, such as the anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and all kinds of capstan. Our lifting product has been exported into more than 40 countries around the world including American, Africa, England, Canada, and Middle East and so on.

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